Computer Clean - Time For A Spring Time Cleaning

Clean Your Computer Time For A Spring Time Clean we all are aware computers are due for service at least once a year and what better time than spring. After a long cold winter, the sunshine is finally warming up and giving us an opportunity to spend time outside.

Computer cleaning splits into two main tasks: hardware cleaning and system cleaning.

Furthermore, being indoors with ducting heating switched ON all winter.

This places a lot of stress on computers, with dust finding its way into your system.

In spite of putting pressure on the hardware. Cleaning up the system will allow your computer to breathe better.

Furthermore, it acts as a preventive measure to avoid any potential internal component surges.

However, before you start the hardware cleaning, there are a few procedures you need to follow:

1: Switch off the computer and unplug it from the wall

2: Open the computer case

3: Use compressed air to dust the internal components of the computer

4: Remove the dust build-up on your case fans

Clean Your Computer

Nevertheless, this still, hardware cleaning alone isn